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  Trigger Enhancement Pad (T.E.P.)

Trigger Enhancement Pad (T.E.P.)

MSRP: $39.99

The TEP is designed to distribute the pressure of the trigger across the pad of the index finger.  The distributed pressure results in a reduced felt trigger pull weight and less fatigue to the finger pad during prolonged firing sessions.  The TEP also aids in achieving 90° angularity at the second interphalangeal joint for a linear trigger squeeze.

Muzzle Stand-off Device

Muzzle Stand-off Device (M.S.D.) G19 Gen 3/4/5 and G23 Gen 3/4

MSRP $120

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The patent pending M.S.D. is a multifunction safety device.  It prevents the slide from being pushed back out of battery by creating a contact surface forward of the muzzle.  There is an integrated glass break for breaching and a picatinny rail for accessory attachment. The M.S.D. is designed for use in kinetic operations where close quarter lethal and non-lethal force needs to be supplied.  The design features our patent pending lock where the retention mechanism is integrated into the profile of the picatinny rail for a clean finished look and can be easily installed or removed without tools.

The M.S.D. is configured to fit the G19/23 with other series being supported soon.  Our extensive testing has shown the Gen 3 version to be a more robust option for operational use.  The release of this product concludes several years of development and 9 months of operational testing…in the know.