Muzzle Stand-off Device (MSD) G19/23

Muzzle Stand-off Device (MSD) G19/23

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The patent pending MSD is a multifunction safety device.  It prevents the slide from being pushed back out of battery by creating a contact surface forward of the muzzle.  There is an integrated glass break for breaching and a picatinny rail for accessory attachment. The MSD is designed for use in kinetic operations where close quarter lethal and non-lethal force needs to be applied.  The design features our patent pending lock where the retention mechanism is integrated into the profile of the picatinny rail for a clean finished look and can be easily installed or removed without tools.

This MSD is configured to fit the G19/23. The Extended Barrel (EB) variant features a U shaped opening and is designed to fit custom barrels that are 0.200” longer than stock. The variant should be considered for those who routinely shoot +P and +P+ ammunition as it directs maximum gas forward of the pistol. 

Our extensive testing has shown the Gen 3 version to be a more robust option for operational use.  The release of this product concludes several years of development and extensive operational testing.

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